Stig of the Dump.

As part of our literacy topic we have been learning about the Stone Age.

Here is your challenge….. Write 100 words to describe the life and times of a Neolithic Family.

Good Luck Everyone 🙂imageimage

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2 thoughts on “Stig of the Dump.

  1. Alisha

    There are three periods in the whole of the Stone Age, they are the Palaeolithic ,Mesolithic and the Neolithic.In the Palaeolithic they lived in caves because they didn’t know how to build houses, well not houses that we live in right now! The houses that they lived in were either round or rectangular. Some animals such as wooly mammoths lived then.They would use stones,bones and teeth as tools.They would eat fish , wild berries,nuts and meat from animals that they hunted and killed. When they hunted they would kill the weakest animal. Once the people reached the Neolithic times they started to create villages and planted crops.


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